My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, November 2, 2015

Today's Progress

Eric has the crud de jour that is going around his day program. He was up until the wee hours this morning and then was up again at 5am.  The thing that I don't like about this bug is that his fever is still going up. There is also a lot of congestion and coughing. At least he slept most of the day. Unfortunately I could not nap as work was going on in the house.  

I spent part of the day decluttering the house.  I managed to get a nap when John came home.  Afterward we started deciding where things are going to go. One of the first things we did was put all of Eric's breathing equipment in its own special cabinet.  The Scoba also got its own special place in a cabinet, so he is no longer a tripping hazard.  John is great at finding the boxes and up packing.  We started with dishes, cups and spices.  John worked on the dishes and I did the spice rack. 

The last of the construction should be finished on Wednesday.  Including the fixed dishwasher panel.  The panel as it is now does not match the rest of the cabinets.