My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


It happens every once in a while. I will have a lot of days / nights in a row with Eric. I get really tired and move very wrong. It happened last night for the 2 am change out. My shoulder will be very sore for a week or so. I will work around it as much as possible. I will also dump extra chores on John and Eric's aides. They will have more laundry to fold and supplies to put away. Someone else can empty the diaper pail and kitchen trash. I will bring all the small bags to the grocery store so there will be no way to make the bags heavy.

I will work on gentle stretches and wake up John for the middle of the night changes outs when he does not have work the next morning. This will require something that I have very little of to fix, patients with myself. I will also try not to be too grumpy. I get very grumpy when I hurt. So please be aware it is me, not you.

Now off to make dinner.