My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, August 14, 2015

Expect the Unexpected

I am so lucky that John is bring home dinner. I has been a whirlwind around here for the past 2 days. A lot of unexpected has popped up. Not the least of which with in moments of me walking in the door last night Eric wild eyrped all over the place. I am talking about needing to change the bed and the boy. I finally finished that laundry at 5 pm today. I hope most of his sleepy time friends are dry, I have not check the clothes line yet. They wash well in the laundry but can not be put in the dryer. I am hoping the 105 degree day in Tucson helped.

I had hoped to finishing warping the loom today, then trying to finish the last charity project rug.  I am just too tired and achy to do that by myself. I just wish that I could figure out what is causing the current streak of not feeling well days with Eric. I have so many projects lined up that I want to/ have to get done. I also have to get ready for a visit from a very special person in our lives in about a week.

There is just so much to do and every time Eric gets sick, I fall further behind. Although I did manage to sneaked out of Eric's room when he started feeling better and got some cleaning done 5 minutes at a time. I just need more than 5 minutes at a time to get the crafting projects done.

Well I have about 20 minutes to get a little more done around the house. So off I go.