My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, August 28, 2015


I have reached the point of exhaustion this week. I am at a place where I am so tired it is hard to fall asleep.  It is a place that I don't go to often, but none the less it is not a good place to be. Eric getting sick a lot has not left me time to recharge. This has left me fumbling all over the place.

I am trying not to do anything that I can really screw up. So no complicated knitting or writing patterns, knitting washcloths is about my speed this week. I am getting energy at odd times and just doing house work when the energy is there.  It is a good week to set freshly spun yarn, and spin art yarns. It might just be a bad week to label yarn or anything else.

John is being wonderful making his own dinner or bring dinner home for the both of us. I am so glad that he is my backup. I would be more tired, if that is possible if he were not here to help.

We are going through a lot of staff changes with Eric so I hope that I don't scare anyone off. This might be some of the pressure that I am feeling too. Well it is time to go set the next batch of yarn.