My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Breaking Cycles

I need to break this cycle of Eric getting sick. He is almost ready to go back to program. We just have one little hiccup, a thrush infection. Really!!! All he had was a fever and tummy bug. No antibiotics at all. I love Eric dearly, I just wish he would not get sick so often.

My body currently hates me. It is achy all over and tendon snapping seems to be the theme of the day. Flare ups tend to come more frequently when Eric is sick.  My body is telling me I need more sleep. My mind on the other hand is telling me that I need to knit, spin, weave, sew and make more jewelry for a couple of up coming charity events.

I think now that Eric is asleep I will give into my body and try to get a few hours of sleep.