My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Found Yarn in Progress

Last year I thought I could manage the house, Eric and an on line class called The Journey to the Golden Fleece. I was very wrong. Eric got sick and I just put everything aside.  Yesterday when I was doing some cleaning I found some of the yarn that I had spun on drop spindles and was going to ply.  I spent yesterday and part of today plying what I had already spun and trying to finish spinning and plying the rest of the basket of rovings and batts.  I have some great art yarn that is way out of my comfort zone.  

I know even though I missed the deadline for the class, I need to finish the project for me.  I also need to finish the weaving portion of the class.  So this yarn will help with that.  I still have to wash the yarn too.  Here is a pre washed picture of the yarn.