My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spinning Styles

I was taught to spin by the wonderful Kathy Withers and I really enjoy spinning. I aspire to be as creative as Kathy someday. I learned even more from the Journey to the Golden Fleece, I learned to get more creative. Although typical me, I did not finish the paper work. The yarn I learned to spin is gorgeous.

I really enjoy playing with fiber and seeing what develops. I find it calming. I find spinning relaxing.  I enjoy creating new yarns. I enjoy weaving and knitting with my handspun yarn. I have even mastered lace weight yarn on my spinning wheel, not just the drop spindle.  

I have learned to wash, card and comb my fiber from raw fleece.  I love to pull out my drum carder to create special batts to spin on occasion. I found that I prefer to send my raw fiber to Spinderella's Fiber Mill.  I do not need to process my fiber from fleece to yarn for every project. They also have a special needs adult child at home that requires full time care like Eric. I feel it is right to support those in my community that keep their children home like John and I do. 

That is why I don't like the trend by some in my local spinning community to master every spinning style from worsted to silk thread. Don't get me wrong I find learning something new everyday is essential.  To buy the raw fleeces, skirt, wash, and do everything including dying the fiber.  Then to do this with every project. It is not that I am lazy, but have a finite number of hours to play with fiber.  

Its not that I don't enjoy learning new things, but the constant push is just to much sometimes.  I do not feel the need to take classes on a weekly basis.  I do not need to become a master spinner. I am not going to become a professional teacher.  I prefer to be an artist. My need to create and relax are my priority.  I hope that this is the right track for me. I wonder what my fellow spinners feel about this.

Please feel free to use the links that I have provided to find some wonderful fiber people. The opinion's are my own and I have not been paid to include these links in my blog. I trust and like these businesses. I have also not asked for permission to include these links, so if you see blank spots in the future, it is because I have been asked to take down the link.