My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sick Boy

Eric is sick again. There seems to be a very bad tummy bug with a high fever going around Tucson. Eric is holding on to the baby Elmo that Candy knit for him, it is the only thing besides me that he wants.  

Eric is now on Pedialyte. He seems to be tolerating it at 20 ml per hour. I wish I could get it higher,but I don't want the eyrping to start again.  As soon as he is asleep, I will try to get to my bed instead of sleeping in the rocking chair tonight. 

I did not finish the rag rug. I did however finish a hat that is was being knit on size 6 knitting needles. I also cast on the next hat and tinked it because it was not big enough to turn into a mobis scarf.  I am now about 1/2 inch into the brim.  

If Eric is feeling better tomorrow, more will get done. 

My random comment of the day is, if you want a fast check out at the store, don't get behind the person with the full cart and stack of coupons. By the way, I saved over $45.00 with coupons today and my friend Lisa saved even more.