My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Eric has a secondary infection after last weeks tummy bug.  He was in good form at the doctors office, he not only coughed up crud, but also threw up on the floor. He had to prove to every but me just how lousy he was feeling.  We stopped by the pharmacy on the way home. Once home Eric went back to bed. He has started his medicine and slept all afternoon which gave me a chance to have a nap after being up half the night with Eric. 

I got the loom partially wrapped. Then I cut up some more t-shirts. Starting with clean old t-shirts the fabric balls came out much better than the bits and pieces I used on the last rag rug.  I am also cutting up,some old sheets which will be in the next rug.  

In the no good deed goes unpunished area.. My finger nails have started to crack and split all over the place from the 3 weeks of working with the polyester towels. This seems a bit odd to me, because my cuticles are starting to heal up very nicely. So until they stop cracking and splitting I will have very short nails.  

I have the Lendrum spinning wheel up and running, so tomorrow I plan on taking it to Grandmas Spinning Wheel for the afternoon spin in.  I am still learning all about the wheel and getting to know him.  Yes this wheel seems like a him to me.  So I will be taking small bits of fluff and making some very artistic yarns tomorrow.  If you want to see my new to me wheel bring your knitting or spinning and join us from 1 to 4.  

Now I just need to unwind from a very busy day.