My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Today was wonderful until 3:15 this afternoon.  Then catastrophe struck.  I lost my Fitbit.  Then that was followed by a call from Eric's new formula company saying that they could not confirm that he had a g-tube. That was the head desk moment of my day.  My only question that I asked the supply company was how many years did he have to have a g-tube in place before their company would finally file the paperwork with the insurance company.  They have only had 6 weeks to get their act together.

So my solution to the Fitbit problem was to order a new one online. I ran down to the store when they said the Fitbit was ready.  After waiting for 15 minutes for the overflow from customer service to clear the item pick up only line, they could not find my order.  Apparently in this store they send out the emails saying that the item is ready for pickup when they get the order at the store.  It took a manger, a customer service representative and the warehouse guy another 15 minutes to find the 2 items. I went straight home to get it set up.  I did not need John's help to get it up and running.  All I needed to do was charge it and type a code into my app.  That connected everything together, computer, iPhone and iPad.

On the formula front I will call the insurance company in the morning and ask for a manager. I will explain that this is the company that they sent me to when the other company did not renew their contract. I will explain how the new company will not send in the paperwork because they can not confirm that he has a g-tube. I will then ask them to look in the special notes section of Eric's file and explain that he has had the tube for more than 10 years. I have not decided weather to ask them if they have any interest in Eric's health or if they would just take care of it first. I will give them until 5 p.m. CST to solve the problem. If I do not get a reply by then, I may have to scrounge for the right formula for Eric as we are almost out.

John had only heard about the Fitbit before he offered to bring in dinner.  He is so wonderful.  Just as I was almost relaxed it was time to help Eric with an extra breathing treatment and manual percussion. He is finally asleep. My hands are getting stiff from doing percussion for 20 minutes, I hope that my hands are usable tomorrow.

Now I just I just need to get to unwind again before I try to sleep. So I guess while it is quiet I will get some picking up, laundry and other chores done. I hope to tire myself out by midnight so I can get at least 6 hours of sleep before tomorrow.