My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Attack of the Pantry

After one too many cans fell on my feet, it was time to clean the pantry from top to bottom. Well I actually started in the middle which was the messiest shelf.  Did I also mention that it is the easiest shelf for me to get to? I then hopped around from spot to spot. I made an executive decision that John would be the executive cleaning the top shelf so that I do not have to go up and down the step ladder. It must be nice to be tall enough to reach the top shelf without climbing or using a grabber.

Since this was mostly a solo act today, the pantry will not be finished until tomorrow. I have about 3 square feet left to clean and John has the entire top shelf. It will be interesting to see what has landed on the top shelf. I wonder if any of it needs to find a new home?

As my reward I plan on spending tomorrow after the pantry is finished spinning, weaving and knitting. I wonder if I will need to find a hiding place to get some fun time?

Right now even though I am too tired to  move, I think that it is time to get dinner on the table. It is one of those throw everything but the kitchen sink in the red pot and hope it comes out well. Then serve it with store bought dinner rolls. Maybe even cookies for dessert if they thaw in time.