My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's Just Another Manic Monday

Wait a minute it can't be Monday. Its Wednesday. Let me backtrack a moment. Our dear sweet Eric after being back at his day program for all of one day on Tuesday after 2 weeks of being home sick, spent from 9:30 pm to until 3:30 puking his guts out and needing to be held. I managed to get all the laundry he made last night washed and in the dryer by 3:30 am and then took a short nap until 6:10 am. A good solid nights sleep by any mothers standards.

This morning Eric had decided that his room needed to be cleaned and organized before I finished Teri's room. No sibling rivalry there. So the second bookcase was emptied and polished this morning. I went through everything. The net result is that 2 bags of junk left his room for the trash and 1 bag will be going to Bookman's here in Tucson. This afternoon I spent another 2 hours organizing and putting everything away. There were an awful lot of Elmo's, some for nearly every shelve. There is only one thing left to put away and the top of the bookcase needs to be polished and dusted, I will leave that to my over 6 foot tall volunteer, not that I don't enjoy perching precariously from step stools.

Because I am sick of take out food, I made a pot of chili while I was putting together my lunch. I let it simmer all afternoon on low. I made a pan of cornbread when John called and as soon as it is done we will have dinner. Just so it does not seem that I am perfect and can do everything, I will admit that I left all the things I used today, but the cutting board in the sink for John. Afterall I just can't do it all in one day.

Well, John just got home so it is time to set the table for dinner. I hope I don't go go to sleep face first into the chili.

For those keeping track of step counts, I made it to over 10,000 steps walked 3 days in a row. Lets hear from everyone else.