My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Little Too Much Stress

It has been a rather stressful week around here with family issues and Eric being sick. There has not been enough time to sleep, nor enough caffeine consumed to balance life out. The stress level was high enough to get to my tummy, not fun at all. I will have to add that the arthritis flare up was not the least bit helpful either.

I dealt with the stress by doing some more cleaning. Cleaning was even done in the middle of the night when I could not sleep. The craft room is 1/3 of the way done. Maybe I can have it finished by the end of the week. Lisa was a big help by taking some craft supplies for her projects. My older sister is going to finish some needlepoint for me. Some projects were deconstructed and recycled into different projects. Some were thrown out for good in the recycle bin. Some of Eric's aides graciously took my excess of college ruled paper, 6 reams left the house.

I also came to the conclusion that at this stage of my life, I just don't have the patients for lace knitting. So I listed almost a dozen skeins of lace weight yarn on my Ravelry destash page. No reasonable offer will be refused. For those of you not on Ravelry here are the pictures, make you offers.  Most are very soft and squishy. The sock yarn will come with the pattern designed by me for the yarn. More yarn might be listed later.

I think it is time to get back to cleaning. Have a great weekend.