My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

And So it Goes

Last night Eric had a rough night. I guess he had the beginning of the cold that he now has. In retrospect I am so happy that I picked up a pre-cooked fresh chicken for dinner this morning because the smell was wonderful. So the main course for dinner is cooked for the next 3 nights. I am also glad that I got an almost 3 hour nap to make up for the sleep that I lost last night. It might be a long night tonight. I hear that this is a bad one.

Now that he is a the back of the house for the night I will get a cake for tomorrow in the oven and then continue to clean. I am not sure if it will be plain or decorated yet. It all depends on how the night goes. Progress is being made. Sadly all it takes for the house to get messy is Eric getting sick, followed by a flare up for me. So essentially I am trying not to get behind.  I am hoping for some knitting time tonight. Wait revise that last statement. I wonder if I will get close to finishing the blanket tonight.

It is time to turn off PBS kids and get back to work.