My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, September 8, 2014

95 Year Rain

Today we had the proverbial 100 year rain here in Tucson. It is my humble opioion a 95 year rain since we just broke the record of 1919.  We got 2.75 inches here at the house.  I am hoping that this might put a little dent in our long term drought.  

I am finishing the scarf on the loom with green and red stripes. I am making progress on the baby blanket too.  I have also taken the blanket off the circular needles and am now back to straight needles.  

I also hit the 10,000 step mark for the first time since I hurt my foot.  So hopefully I can hit that mark at least once a week for a while. Then build up to more days. 

Tomorrow is going to be super busy so I think I will call it a night.