My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can You do too Much Cleaning?

I am at the point of spring cleaning of throwing up my hands and running straight to my spinning wheel. This does not mean that I will stop, it just means that we are almost finished. Or so I think so. With each round of deep cleaning a little more leaves the house. I take time to reorganize things like my fiber stash. I can say that I am making progress there. I no longer have it scattered around the house hiding. It is now in one of 3 places being spun, in a box in the garage and in Teri's closet. Teri's closet has less fiber than last November when we had to stuff things in. I now have about 2 inches of clearance at the top of the clothing rack. No more has been added to the garage and I have space under my desk for my feet.

I am also down on works in works in progress in knitting. I am down to about 8 UFO's from way to many to count. Some are even new projects since the last count. I am enjoying working on things for me. The yarn stash is not down as much as the fiber, because of all the spinning. Less fluff more yarn, who would have thunk.

I have gotten the first box of things for Goodwill boxed and John will drop it off tomorrow. I am hoping to be done with spring cleaning tomorrow. Then maybe I won't dream I am cleaning the house at night.  The worst nightmare ever.

Well dinner is ready so it is time to go. Please enjoy your families.