My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Slow Day

After yesterday's busy day I needed a rest day. So except for 1 load of laundry and grocery shopping not a thing got done.  

That is what I want the world to see, but you know me to well not to ask about my to do list too. Yes I got everything on my to do list done too. So I guess I have a slightly different version of a slow day. 

One last thing. I have a poll that I would like you to weigh in on. I got a batch of roving for spinning that is so bad that I can not spin it into singles.  It is over dyed and felted in some areas.  I have been using it to practice core spinning. The yarn is coming out so course that all it is good for is weaving.  I was hopeing to core spin the last 3 rovings. John, Teri, Eric and my mom think it should go into dog pillows. Not to waste my time on the yucky stuff. Can I get some spinners to weigh in on this.  I have never had roving this bad before and feel guilty about not spinning it.  I hate to waste the money. 

I look forward to your opinions on this.