My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hump Day

It has been a long but productive day around here dispite everything that the day threw at us. At 4 am I woke up with a headache. By the time I had breakfast and medicine at 4:30 am Eric started the wild eyrping.  At 10:30 am the crew came to install the new pool pump and filter. I was also ready for lunch.  By 11:00 am Eric decided a fever should be part of our day. Then his asthma kicked in too. 

So while all of this was going on, John printed some cards for me. I bagged and priced all the earrings I made Sunday.  I sorted out a pound of glass beads. Finished 2 dog pillows. Repaired 1 shirt and reinforced a few seams. Started to assemble the supplies to 6 toddler bibs. Worked on 2 different knitting projects, I keep 1 in Eric's room and 1 in the den. Did 5 loads of laundry and all but the load that is drying now are put away. 

When you see John tell him you heard how wonderful he was today. He made lunch and dinner.  He also found some nap time for me. 

For some reason which is beyond me I did not find the time to do the cleaning or making earrings with Eric's friends that I had planned to do.  Yet here it is 10 pm I know I had a full day, but did not accomplish much.