My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, February 28, 2014

Good verses Bad

Eric has been sick for a few days. The hours have been very long. I am tired and sore. Now my delimia. A lot of the yarn producers and clubs are now listing there spring clubs.  

To be good I know I have about 50 projects all ready to be knit. I have lots of fiber ready to be carded and spun. I also have lots of braids to spin. I have lots of other yarn that needs to be knit too. So I should not sign up for any new clubs. 

To be self indulgent I would love to sign up for a couple of clubs.  After all they are soft and squishy. I have had a really bad couple of days. Yarn diets are blah.  

To be good I will not order any. After all I am enjoying less clutter in the house.  As much as I hate to admit it. Too much yarn and fluff can lead to a lot of clutter. 

To be bad I would go ahead and order a couple of clubs.  After all I got over 100 hand knit items out the door last year. 

To be good I should knit up at least another 100 projects this year.  I should shrink my yarn and fiber stash by at least 20 if not 50% more.  

Well I hope I can stay on the right side of the equation, good or bad. Time will tell.