My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Stash Down 2014.....

This is the first empty stash down bag of 2014.t. Yes the knitting of hats is going on and on my friends, I am well over 100 hats since October.  With one basket and 2 more bags of yarn to go I just might hit 200 hats in this burst of knitting. 

When I have the stash down, I will start knitting for myself. I know this will lead to more scrap yarn for hats. I will try not to let the bits and pieces get so out of hand again. 

I also managed to get 8 ounces of plied yarn on a single jumbo bobbin. I have not taken it off yet, but there should be some good yardage there.  I see a shawlette in its future.  

Yes I know the spinning is leading to more stash yarn. I just find spinning one of those relaxing activities that I can "run away" from home without leaving the house. I would like to thank Kathy Withers for taking the time to teach me. I am going to try some art yarn next. 

Well I think it is time to settle Eric in for the night.