My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sick Child Again

It seems to me that we almost had Eric back on his "feet" and he got sick again last night.  He created 4 additional loads of laundry over night. I really wish that I could do a better job of keeping Eric healthy, but the sad reality of it all is the moment I send him out the door I have to trust the world. So to that end here is a letter to the world. 

Dear World,

I really need your help to makeup job easier.  At this time I very humbly ask you to Stay at Home if you are sick.  Please don't send your sick kids to school or their programs. Nothing is more important than the collective health of everyone.  

This one little request could make my life so much easier. I appreciate any help that you are willing to give.    I would also like to note that it might make your lives better too.  

Thank so much,