My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Not As Planned

Today did not go as planned. I was up until after 3am with Eric.  Then the arthritis pain kicked in around 5:15am, I kid you not.  This lead to a day with a lot of naps which are good, but not as good as a full nights sleep.  Eric and John also took advantage of the day and got naps too. 

I had planned on finishing one braid on the drop spindle and one batt on the spinning wheel. Then start the next 2 spinning projects. Only the braid got finished.  I don't have the yardage. Considering it is lace weight I think there is a lot of yardage. The picture is below tell me what you think. This is going to be something for me.  This is the Cloudlover fiber from my previous blog. Well it's not to late but I am tired and need a good nights sleep.