My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday in the Blender

Today was my day off that wasn't.  My plan for the day was a little laundry, shopping and lots of spinning with no cleaning. My goal was to spin 2 full skeins and get them plied.  Well you can just see where this went. After shopping where I saved $77.00 with coupons and specials. That was my retail therapy for the day. I did 6 loads of laundry and caught up on folding from the weekend. I did cleaning that required me to change out of my nice outfit into grungy clothes and out of those when I finished cleaning. Yes it was that messy. No you don't get to find out what got that messy in the first place.

As for spinning I pulled out some 15.5 micron extra fine merino wool from Grandma's Spinning Wheel here in Tucson. Pictures will follow later. It was like butter in my hands. I wished that I had more then 45 minutes for spinning on my wheel today. By the way if you happen across some extra fine merino wool I would recommend that you try spinning it at least once. I know that it is pricey, but for a rare treat, it is worth it.

Well I have been up since 3 this morning and I am really hoping that Eric falls asleep before 11 or 12 tonight. So I am going to do something much quieter than typing.