My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Red Tape

Well I took a slow body day. About the only thing I can say that I truly accomplished was starting the process for Eric's new wheelchair yet again. I hope the third time is the charm.  Apparently it is not enough to have a valid prescription from the doctor, but you have to be evaluated by a qualified therapist to see if you really need the chair. With all the insurance fraud that has been going on around wheelchairs, the company's have added extra layers, which of course add to the over all price of the chair. It did not seem to matter that Eric got his first chair at age 3 so he could take the bus to preschool. It also does not matter that in my humble opinion that Eric will not be learning to walk anytime soon. Or that he has worn out the chair he got when he was 17 or 18. Did I mention that he grew 5 inches since we got his last chair? With all the phone calls going back and forth it took 2 hours just to get the information I needed to give the doctor so that she could write the request.  That is 2 hours that I am not going to get back. Now to wait for an opening for the evaluation. Then another 2 to 3 months for the new chair.

Did you know it was easier to get Eric a new placard for special parking permit when his was stolen. All we needed was the MVD* Supervisors signature on the form. She said that since it was a replacement and that Eric was still in the chair no doctors letter was needed. We did not even have to go wait in a long line.

I think that the system is totally screwed up when it is easier to deal with the MVD then the insurance company's rules and regulations. I am hoping that we can get measured for the new chair very soon. Well I think that it is time to put this to rest for the night.

*MVD is the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department