My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, June 3, 2013

Does it have to be Monday?

I am happy to report that Teri is now a member of the working class. She has left her school days behind her. I hope that you will join John and myself in wishing her the best of luck in her new endeavor. From my point of view, the little girl who started in pre-school at age three and has never left the school environment in now working. Please join us in trying to figure out where all those years went. Also the modular blanket that I started for her in her 1L year of law school only has about 60 blocks to go before the boarder goes on. Did I mention that there were 42 rows per block?

On the home front it was one of those in pain most of the day, days. I find myself cranky and blue when I can't get the pain to go away no matter what I do. So it was a put on a smile day and carry on with my day. I did not get through my entire to do list, but a small dent is all I can hope for on days like today.

At a snails pace I did some laundry, errands and knitting. Eric and John also had a good day. Well the hiccups and hot flash are over so it is time to add 1 more load to the washer and go to bed. I am hoping for less pain tomorrow.