My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Back Home

My last blog post got lost somewhere in the digital world. I hit save and publish through the hotel wi-fi connection. So here is a summary plus a quick update.

Teri and I finally found an apartment to move into. It is 20 minutes to her new job. We went a little higher in price than Teri thought she would, but it is a nice and safe building that she will live in for the next few years. At Teri's request I will not give the city she is moving to.

This means we will not have to go through the process next week. Can we hear a nice and loud hip hip hooray from every one. To give you a brief over view of what we went through here are some of the very low lights. Such as the apartments under the flight path with a plane landing every 5 minutes. Then there was the one that used half the kitchen and bathroom space for the Murphy bed with appliances from at least the 1950's, but they might have been Pre Korean war. Even better the basement studio that you had to use a step ladder to get into, I am not sure that is up to any code. Some of the neighborhoods were on the very gritty side to be polite. We did not even get out of the car for some. The really cute one in a slightly less gritty area that we may have taken if the owner had not changed their mind and decided that parking was not included.

This was a very hard process to go through. I am very proud that Teri and I were able to accomplish it in only 4 days.

I meet her new boss and his wife, they seem like very nice people.

I got home just in time to shop and make dinner yesterday. I was to tired to do anything. Yes even too tired to knit.

John was wonderful and let me sleep in today. I did laundry for most of the day. This was mainly sheets, towels and dress clothes. John did a great job with keeping up with the laundry, and all things Eric while I was gone.

Eric seems to be having trouble with mommy permanence. He seemed genuinely surprised that I did not disappear over night. By mid afternoon he was in total con man mode. Coughing every time I said I was go to work on Teri's blanket.

He was an angel at night while I was gone. That seems to have gone by the way side now that I am home. So now it is time to try to settle him down for the night.