My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, March 31, 2013


I had a very busy day planned. I had filled the laundry room knee high after having very little laundry for the past couple of days. Then I decided to take part in the very difficult sport of walking while carrying my knitting in one hand and the rest of my juice in the other. I was less than 1 foot away from my goal. So close to putting my feet up for 15 minutes and knitting before doing more laundry.

Then it happened. There was a very loud pop and my left leg gave out from under me. I fell forward straight on to the couch. The pain was at 10+ on a scale of 1 to 10. I could not scream because Eric was just feet away doing his morning percussion treatment. I only spilled a few drops of cranberry juice on the brown carpet, thank goodness it does not show. My yarn on the other hand unraveled all over the place.

I managed to pull myself into a some what composed position on the couch. With no pod in hand, a fairly new aide for Eric and John at the back of the house there was nothing to do but wait for John and try to will the pain away.

Willing the pain away was not working very well. This being Easter Sunday, my big decision was to choose between urgent care and the emergency room. We decided on urgent care.

My next big decision was how are we going to manage with Eric in his chair and me not able to walk. I knew that I did not want to call my friend Lisa, because it was Easter Sunday. Teri was a whole day away. I was in the middle of going through my list when Lisa called and said that she would be here in 20 minutes.

Then it was off to urgent care. The good news was that there were no broken bones. The bad news is that I may have torn a ligament or tendon. So my leg was immobilized and we came home. We as in John will get me into an orthopedic doctor as soon as we can get an appointment.

In the mean time John will be doing double duty with Eric and I. Plus he will have to run the house and do all the driving. Did I mention I can't drive for a few weeks? So if you can do anything to help John through this I would be very grateful.

I will keep you posted on how things are going. If you would like me at any activity please call me and arrange to pick me up. Thanks in advance for your patience during this very difficult time for us.