My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Have my Mojo Back..At least for now....

Today was a very productive day all around. I got all my errands done. I did a lot of general picking up. I almost caught up on laundry. You are right of course, I should not have told Eric that I was almost caught up. He went through bibs are a near record rate of 4 bibs in 2 hours. One did not even make it around his neck before he creamed it. Such as life in this house.

I went to go spin today and found all the music gone from my pod. So I played with the settings until I got the music back. It took about 2 hours to load all the music. So no spinning got done. I did however get my knitting mojo back. I am also back in the bad habit of getting the item knit and leaving the finishing work until later. I am sure that the pile will bite me by this weekend. I have 4 soap sacks ready for finishing now and one more on the needles that is almost done.

Did I also mention the 3 scarfs that I know of. Teri's shawl. A couple of hats. Plus project bags all around the house. So the theme of Wednesday through Friday will be knitting to get things finished. I will also tell you that I will not count newly cast on items as UFOs until they are at least a week old.

My goal this week is to knit through as much yarn as possible. To that end I hope to finish all the UFOs that I can. So it is time to catch some shut eye so I will be awake enough to knit tomorrow.