My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Wirlwind Weekend

It has been a very busy weekend around here. Eric is feeling better and there was non-stop action that included Eric and a friend going to a mad science demo at Bookman's, a party for John and I. And that was just yesterday. Today was house work and laundry, followed by shopping at Trader Joe's with Eric. I had only planned to get a few things so I got a basket for Eric's lap, lets just say that it took a regular basket to get to the car. Eric also thought it was funny not to let me have the basket when it came time to hand it to the cashier.

It was such a nice day that I took Eric to La Encantia to walk. I pushed Eric around the mall for 1 1/2 hours. Did you know that most exercise programs give you bonus points for pushing a wheelchair. Even though it has wheels it can be cumbersome to push. It is just the sheer size of the chair plus the weight ( 90 pounds for the chair, 95 pounds for Eric, 20 pounds for the backpack for emergencies, 5 pounds for the pump and formula bag which is a whooping 210 pounds before any shopping) no wonder they give bonus points. Just in case it happens to you, if the elevator at La Encantia breaks down you don't have to do what Eric and I did. We left the upstairs section of the mall went to the parking lot, found the sidewalk and did a very controlled walk down a very steep hill ( no it was not a 2 to 3 % grade of ADA compliance but the usual steep foothill incline. The FYI is that if the elevator is broken you are allowed to use the freight elevator at the mid point in the mall. It is down the same hallway as the bathrooms on the upper level. It is accessed through the mall concierge desk on the bottom level. After 6 pm security is suppose to get you through.

I did manage to lose the same knitting needle for the 2nd time in two weeks. I think it is tired of knitting soap holder bags for Mother's Day. I am at the half way mark in the knitting project. I hope to find it soon. in the meantime I have to remember to put a new set of needles in my emergency knitting bag.

Well the day appears to be catching up with me so it is time to end this post.