My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Busy but Good

Well I finally got my new glasses adjusted to perfection thanks to Lloyd Talbot at Lens Crafters at 4545 N. Oracle Road in Tucson. It is just amazing how well I can see in well adjusted glasses. On the drive home I looked at the Catalina's.  The lines and the details were very crisp even below Orange Grove. I can now read the fine print on the coupons in the Sunday paper too.

I was a very busy day with laundry. Today was the day to change all the beds and wash all the towels. The last load will go into the dryer before I go to bed tonight. Not that I will have time to fold it in the morning. Yes, tomorrow is another training day for a new advocate in Eric's day program. Eric and I also had a date, so we went to get his hair cut. There was a little difference of opinion of what constituted long hair on top. All I can say right now is that Eric has a lot of caps to keep his head warm.

I finally got into the kitchen to cook a beef stew. This was my first venture into the kitchen since the tummy bug hit. Other accomplishments today included winding the 4th skein of yarn for Teri's shawl. The next row is my second to last increase row. I only have about 25 rows to go.  Hopefully I will not have to spin the fifth skein as it will involve carding the fiber first.

Well it is time to call it a night.