My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2013 the Year of Change

A lot of things are changing in my life right now. Our life is being lived at a different pace from the past. I still need to wrap my head and arms around this year. When I figure out where I am going I will let you know. So far the changes seem positive.

The things I still need to do are:

1. Look at my calendar more often.
2. Become a better communicator.
3. Work out a new routine. Yes my old routine was set aside with the new year. With no new action plan in place.
4. Organize the garage.
5. Organize the sewing room.
6. Get more organized in getting my patterns out of my head, pod and word processing program.
7. Make more to do lists and learn to go through them without getting distracted.
8. Get more projects finished.

There is probably more but it is time to get dinner going.