My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Fibery Day

Today was a very lay back day around the house. Both they guys got up and then decided it was nap time. Thus it turned into a very fibery day for me. I just love play time, don't you? I got caught up on washing yarn, some fleeces and a delicate hand wash item. I also carded 4 new batts for Teri's shawl from the fiber I washed last week. Did I mention that I love how soft and squooshy the alpaca yarn is?

I also got to watch the Disney Christmas parade. I worked on a new scarf during the parade. I did get caught up and do chores during the commercials. It was knit 2 rows do a random chore, repeat. 3 loads of laundry, with a little tidying here and there. John did remind me after the parade was over that if I had TiVo'ed it I could have just skipped the commercials altogether. Well I would not have hustled as fast to do the chores.

I also found time to list 2 new hot of the knitting needles, items in my Etsy shop. A new hat and a neck warmer.  I will try to find time to list a few more items this week.

If you have not seen it yet the Dr. Who Christmas special is not to be missed. I really can't tell you more, but you really have to watch it. Well its getting late.