My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Just Keeping Up

I am just keeping up with things around the house.  Last night Eric's shower broke. Today I went to Home Depot to get a replacement and fixed it this afternoon. I can do simple plumbing jobs around the house. Which saves a service call. I am not sure if I am up to replacing 2 different sink facets as the appear harder to do. I think I will check out You Tube before I decide whether or not to call the plumber.

This morning the vacuum cleaner motor started to burn. So John went ahead and ordered a bag less model which are all the rage right now.  The kind of remind me of the really old ones my Grandma's both had.  I remember them going out side to dump the cups in the trash and in my child's eyes saw huge puffs of dirt come out of the metal trash cans. It just goes to show us that everything old is new again. I wonder if my grandma's knew that they were being environmentally conscious by using the bag less models?

I did get some knitting done today. The shawl I worked on, now takes about 15 minutes per row to knit. Thank heavens I am on the last skein of yarn for this shawl. House work and laundry took center stage with 5 loads making it from start to finish. If I ever move to a new house and have the chance to design the laundry room I would build it with 2 washers and dryers.

Well it sounds quiet at the back of the house so I hope that this means Eric is settling in for the night.