My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Suprised by my Family

Even after 28 years of marriage my awesome husband can still suprise me. Yesterday I mentioned that my mom had this lovely machine called a Keurig, that made wonderful tea without having to deal with a kettle of hot water first thing in the morning. With Eric's new schedule my day starts earlier. A cuppa tea is always a breakfast thing for me. I need a little caffeine to start my day. My body does not always love me first thing in the morning so I have been doing soy chai 7 days a week, don't get me wrong I love my soy chai, but it should not be an every morning thing. So with the Keirig I figured I could save over 1,500 calories a week. I broched the Keurig at dinner, but John deflected with the simple matter that I had. Ot done my homework. I had only looked at one C-Net review. I had not gone to the holy grail of reviews,Consumers Reports. So he tabled it pending more research on my part. So I was totally suprised when one showed up in our house today. The whole gang also had a number of other suprises today. My very own copy of a Dinosaur Train DVD, a Danish strip from Nadine's and some awesome slider cup cakes made by Lisa. I have already asked Lisa to do a guest blog to share the recipe. It is well after 11 pm and Eric is not close to falli g asleep so I think I will break out the knitting and hope that the rhythm will put him to sleep soon.