My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I spent last weekend with my mom and came home to a boy who caught the stomach flu that was going around. This was after he was told he was not allowed to get sick until I came home from my visit with my mom. John has a much greater apperation for my all nighters or near all nighters with Eric. I personally think he did a terrific job with Eric.

Since I got home Sunday night, I have had 1 all nighter and one relatively early night where he went to bed at 1:30am ish. It is now Wednesday and my body has hit the very tired stage. As a result I am very grumpy and not a lot got done today. I am sure that things will be better in the morning.

I did manage to finish 1 scarf today. Then did the finishing work on that scarf plus 7 others that are now tagged and bagged. The only thought related to the scarfs is how 2 kitchen trash bags full of yarn only translates in to a little over 1/3 of an XXL Ziploc bag full when knit into scarfs. It seems to me that the finished bag should be fuller.

Well it is getting late and it is time to call it a night.