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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Making a Care Plan

Today in the midst of boiling and thwacking yarn, doing laundry and general cleaning I decided to update Eric's care plan. I think it was a little over due. It was last updated when Teri was a junior in college, um 5 years ago. A lot has changed. its like I have a whole new document.

If you are the primary care giver a care plan is necessary for everyone but you. I know I have this all in my head, but they don't. So take the time to make one. Carry a small note book around with you for about a week noting what you are doing and when.  Include such things as when the person gets up. What will they wear depending on the temperature outside and they days activities. Exercises that need to be done. Personal care and treatments that need to be done. When medicine needs to be given.  When transportation comes and goes. When is bed time. What is the shower/bath routine. What is different on the weekends. Eating schedule and food likes and dislikes.

Be sure to include all the likes and dislikes of the person you can think of. Which TV channels do they like. What shows do they love and hate.  Where do they like to go. What books on tape do they like. Do they like to be read to. What do they like to do, even if it is just sitting with you outside listening to the birds.

I also include mundane things like the next door neighbor, doctors, car mechanic's for the special issues. If you have friends in the care plan be sure to let them know. You can include the local grocery store that delivers. Also have take out menus of places that deliver.

If you are going on a trip be sure to have a page or 2 with your itinerary also.

Once you have the document prepared, give it to one or more of your regular helpers. Ask them to mark it up with a red pen, just in case you happen to forget something or have the wrong information down. Make your corrections and place the sheets in protective  sheet covers. Then let everyone know where it will be kept.

When properly maintained they are wonderful for everyone one around your special person.