My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, May 4, 2012

Gremiln Invasion

We have a gremlin in the house that does not like my knitting. Knitting needles have been snapped in half (the Lantern Moon ones). Knitting needles have gone missing ( the pretty peace needles made of maple and the tops painted in Russia) , along with a finished object or two. Projects have randomly been taken off their needles. But the worst damage that this gremlin has done by far is to take a scissors and snip 3 rows in the center of a wool crape shawl that I was in the middle off. I was absolutely devastated and don't know whether to cry, feel angry or sad. I have decided to put it away until after Teri graduates and then work on fixing it with scrumbling. It will not be the pretty elegant shawl that I was going for but will instead become a shawl to be used around the house.

So my plan of action is going to be this. Every work in progress will be hidden unless I am working on it at the moment, in the moment. All my personal lovelies will be moved from public areas of the house. All knitting needles and spindles will be out of sight unless I am using them. I will have to try to make the public rooms of the house look like a hotel lobby, empty and sterile.

This seems to be the personal price that I have to pay to have help with Eric. It makes me so sad that I can not leave projects out or things out with out them being destroyed or stolen. I hope that Karma finds this gremlin very soon.