My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Crud's Go On and On

The crud's are still here in full force. I have hit tired and cranky. The only things I can seem to knit are scarfs and wash cloths. Speaking of the wash cloths I have made them over sized with interesting patterns through out. Right now I think they look pretty good but that could all change when I feel better. Also when you see the wash cloths if you would like me to write up the pattern please let me know.  When I am feeling better I think I will list them. I will post them on my twitter feed and face book page when I do the finishing work if you can't wait.

Eric has learned a new trick. He has figured out how to get the nebulizer mask off and dump all the meds on the floor by leaning forward and shaking his head. I guess I am lucky that it took him so long to figure out but why yesterday of all days. Yes he was very proud of himself for figuring that out.

Well Eric is asleep so I will go and take a nap.