My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, January 20, 2012

This and That

My day started off very slowly, if it went any slower I would have had to crawl back into bed. There was a great upside of running so late today thought. I got to talk to Teri. She was driving in San Fransisco when her GPS died. So she called me in Tucson for directions. With the help of Google Maps we managed to get her directions to where she was going. Thank you so much to the great people at Google Maps. I hope she was able to find a place to charge her GPS for the way home.

I managed to get to knitting very late but I still got to do some catching up with everyone. I guess I did not say much about my hand to anyone before the surgery and everyone assumed incorrectly that Eric was sick. They were surprised when I told them that I had hand surgery. They were also surprised that I was knitting again.

My hand is recovering slower than I like. I am just impatient in that way. It still gets painful when I knit for more than a few rows. This will make tomorrow all the more interesting. I have a birthday cake to make for a party that we are going to. I think with help baking the cake and making the icing will be fairly easy. What I am worried about is the decorating part. I usually do it left handed. I know I can manage a decent frosting job with my right hand. But I don't have the very fine motor skills necessary in my right hand to an adequate job of controlling the pastry bag.

My plan of action will be to take some pain reliever about an hour before I start the decorating and not do any knitting or spinning until after the cake is decorated. I think this will be very hard for me.  The cake is for a man so I don't have to worry about doing any lace or lattice work on the cake which should make it easier. I am planning to do a reverse C shell boarder to hide any boo-boos. Other than Happy Birthday I don't have a plan for the cake design yet. I am making peanut butter frosting and I am not quite sure what color it will come out, so I am playing it by ear. I will take a picture of it when I am done.

Well I think it is time to call it a night.