My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New to Me Finish

Today was a very good day. It got off to a very slow start, but got better as the day went on. I managed to do more knitting and spinning than yesterday, yes I stopped when it hurt. I had a nice 2 mile walk after lunch today. I did also manage to get some cleaning and filing done. Now to straighten out the file before I hand it over. That I will start on tomorrow.

At Guild I learned a new edging called the Latvian Braid. Please forgive me if you know about it, but it was so easy and fun that I just had to share it with you.

Latvian Braid

  1. Round 1:     *K1 with color A, K 1 with color C repeat from*
  2. Round 2:     Round 2: *P1 with color A, P1 with color C, Always bringing the new yarn over the one just used; repeat from*
  3. Round 3:     *P1 with color A, P1 with color C, always bringing the new yarn under the one just used; repeat from*
  4. Bind off with a regular knitting bind off.
From what I can tell this would make an excellent finishing for a pair of slippers, bottom of a sweater, or any place a decorative stitch would be nice.

Now I need to go off and ponder the bigger question of the day. I have a birthday cake to make for Saturday and I need to figure out who will be my extra set of hands for baking it and making the frosting. Also if I do not knit or spin will I be able to use my left hand to do the decorating of the cake? I also have to remember to go buy the cake board and box.

As you can see my life has no possibility of getting boring anytime in the near future