My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Idea of Heaven

Today was a simply awesome day filled with knitting, spinning ( on the wheel no less ), fun,exercise, friends and food. Who could really ask for anything more.

Today started off with knitting with friends. I am almost finished with the top down shawl in Blond Chicken's (aka Tara) hand spun yarn. Every one was working on awesome project ranging from doll clothes to cowls and even some sweaters and blankets. We even managed to get a new knitter started today, Carolyn supplied the know how while Liz provided the yarn and needles. That was a great job on stash busting Liz, very creative too.

Then it was off to lunch. Which was kinda of funny most of us could not remember what we ordered and the servers did not know what some of the dishes were. Well you just had to be there to enjoy the moment.

Then it was off to home and a bit of exercise with John. Followed by my best spinning on the wheel since my hand surgery. I had my pod cranked up and was singing in the key of off while I spun. This made me extremely happy, because I had vision's of having to find a new home for the wheel and I really like her.

After I got Eric off the bus we had some time together. Eric even managed to get John to watch Barney. I spent some time working on a commission. Then it was off to Cafe Ole for Talipia taco's for dinner. You know your are eating healthy in a Mexican restaurant when the wait staff says you did a good job of picking the healthy food off the menu. By the way if you have never had grilled Talipia taco's, you must try them with out the cheese and sauce for the best taste experience ever.

Before I forget, I have finished and started another square on Teri's blanket. Well its getting late and I want to try to get to the opening at 505 Miracle Mile tomorrow to see what they have done with Tucson's newest artist venue.