My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Knitting Needles

The thought occurred to me tonight that I have a lot and I do mean a lot of different knitting needles in different shapes and sizes. Then why is it that I never have the size I need when I want it. Which of course leads to buying more knitting needles.

Am I just like all the knitters with a lot of UFOs. I see something that I just have to make and if I have the yarn in the house it is on the needles very quickly. Not that it will necessarily get finished very quickly. Hence the plethora of UFOs.

I have started carrying a big bag with a lot of my UFOs in it to knitting with the hopes that someday they will get finished before they: A: Go out of style. B: I have forgotten or lost the pattern. C: I run out of yarn and it is no longer available so I have to tink it.  I think I need to make a giant effort this year to finish UFOs including Teri's never ending blanket, hey I have gotten a few more squares done so far this week and any progress is good progress. Right?

So join me in the month of February in finishing as many UFOs as we can. Lets try to really see how many knitting needles we all have. Then just maybe we can get some more yarn. I know the yarn diet thing right, well in my case maybe I can get all the yarn into the house if I just knit enough.