My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, August 15, 2011

Out of the Blender

Today did not go as planned. I had this whole day planned out. I had a mental list of what was going to get done. Well most of the list got scrapped.  If my life was a book in progress there would have been so many edits that the story line got lost.

I woke up on the very achy side and started my list,but I did not get far. I did however get the following things done in no particular order. I took a nap.  I cleaned out the fridge. Rearranged some of Eric's room, Cleaned out the washing machine fabric softener dispenser, 20 tea kettles of boiling water later,  which lead to washing the washing machine with the Tide washing machine cleaner. Got half way through cooking dinner when I realized that the main ingredient went bad and ran to the store for a quick dinner substitute. Manage to fill the kitchen trash can 3 times and the recycle bin twice.

I also found time to finish one hat and fill almost one whole bobbin of spinning. So I did find some me time.

The things that did not get done were the paper work.  Packing things to mail. Do some miscellaneous cleaning. Planning my shopping list, well at least I have a valid excuse for that one. I had the Safeway flyer's all lined up ready to make my shopping list. When I sat down to make the list I noticed all the sale flyer's were cut beyond being useful and needing to be replace thanks to one of Eric's aides. That familiar angry feeling rose up. Isn't this my home. Isn't this my stuff. Don't I get anything first from the paper that I pay for. This feels more like a place of business than my home. Where is my space. I know that I should be grateful for the help that allows us to keep Eric at home, but I really need some me space.. I would really like first crack at my coupons. I do have a pile of coupons for the aides that I have gone through and don't need. That pile was at least 5 feet away and on a different table than my coupons. This rant could continue for hours but won't.  I need to control my me space issues but sometimes it is very hard. The worst times are when I am in a flare up and cranky.

Eric is not doing well tonight so it is time to go check on my little guy and hopefully get him to sleep so I can get some sleep too.