My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hump Day better Known as Wednesday

Today was another busy day in the Old Pueblo for me.  I actually made it to the dentist for a long over do check up and guess what Mom? No cavities. I learned an interesting tidbit at the Post Office today. Did you know that you pay more for larger lighter packages then smaller heaver packages? Something about the space it takes on the plane and not the amount of fuel used per pound. It seems odd to me.

Then it was on to Bookmans our favorite used book store to see if they had anything I wanted and to see if they would take anything that was in the go to Bookmans bag. Well I did not find anything that I wanted so Teri will have $10.00 more in store credit when she comes for her next visit. Hopefully this summer before her 3rd year of law school, because December is just to long to wait.

I came home and had left overs for lunch and watched a little TV with some spinning on the spindle and knitting included. After lunch I went to work in the craft room and manage to put some things away and add some more to the charity pile. While Eric was doing his percussion I sat down at the spinning wheel to practice with some very thin roving to get the hang of the wheel. I think my plan worked very well. I am starting to feel better about the wheel, but if I ever up grade I think I might get a 2 peddle wheel. Also I think that 45 minutes is long enough to sit and spin in one session for right now.

Well it is getting late and I have another very over booked day for tomorrow so good night all.