My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Hand Spun Yarn

OK, I finally got it together and took some pictures of my hand spun yarn as of late. It is not all the yarn I have spun as I have some bits and pieces waiting to be soaked and thwacked. As You can see there is a jumble of colors and different types of fibre. Some 1 ply and some 2 ply.

A more artistic presentation  is show below.
The Yarn that is still on the spindle is about 1.8 ounces of merino wool.  I have put the picture here so Teri can get a better look at the color. She has first dibs on this yarn. There is enough on the spindle for a nice scarf. I will figure out the yardage( apx. 2640 inches and 73.33 yards. I just measured) when I get I take it off the spindle this afternoon.   It will get the soak and thwack treatment today and should be well rested and ready to knit in a few days.  

Well it is time to get back to my day, after a long night with Eric I managed a nap with the nurse here and am so behind on everything, but if I hustle I will get most of it done today. So Enjoy your families and have a wonderful day.