My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life on the Mommy Track

Well it has been a couple of pretty busy days around here, with spinning, knitting, cleaning child care and finally getting Eric back to school today. I took full advantage and got a lot of errands done, the usual and not so usual errands included shoe laces, light bulbs, tall shoes with a 3 inch heel. Guess what!  I am still short when I wear them. I also got a great deal on a new fry pan originally $39.99 I got it for $13.99 and I don't care that it was lasts years model, I really don't think the function of a fry pan changes from year to year. Shopping for dinner. Poor John I really don't feel like cooking so he is getting roasted turkey breast, steamed green and wax beans with rosemary bread. Tomorrow it will be turkey and avocado sandwiches on hopefully rosemary bread ( or I will be back at the store again.),  vegi sticks and pineapple wedges.

I have one room left to do. The craft, guest and exercise room left to do. Yes the ultimate multi purpose room. I know it will be the hardest room yet as I find it hard to part with craft/sewing supplies. But I should really get in there at a few minutes a day until it is done. I am hoping that I get it done before it hits the 100's because I would like to tackle the garage next but will not do that on days over 100f just because I say so.

Well I am headed to the craft room to start. since I have to finish dinner I will not be there long by design. Have a great evening and enjoy your families.