My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still at Home

I am still at home with a sick boy. Yes this is another iPod blog. I am currently watching Sprout Good Night Show with Eric and hoping that he falls asleep soon.

In honor of my UFO month I finished 8 charity items in my finishing basket. This means that I only have to knit 42 more items to reach my 50 item goal of the year. When the light is better I will take pictures and post them so you can see the work so far. Supriseingly I also picked up Teri's blanket and finished 2 squares today. I don't think it will be done by the 28th of the month,but at this point any progress is good progress. John thinks that I might have it done in time for summer.

Well it looks like Eric is finally settling in for the night. So have a good one and enjoy your families.