My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Do Stay At Home Moms Do?

I wonder what most people think stay at home moms do all day? Today was just one of those days. With Eric in school I went to a class stopped for lunch and picked up some chicken for dinner. Just in case you are wondering what the chicken is for, check my past blog posts for a recipe called pina colada chicken, yummy. Served with brown rice.

Well when I got home mind you I was only gone for 3 hours there were 7 messages on the answering machine. 4 of them being for the same cell phone that was dropped in my driveway this morning. Did I mention that as soon as I got into the door the phone started ringing and the caller had said that I was remiss in returning the calls of this morning that I had not had time to even play back yet. Let it be known that if you drop your cell phone in my driveway I will go about my day as planned and will not wait around the house for your call. My free time during the day tends to be erratic so I do take advantage and get as much as possible done.

Since I stayed up past 11pm with Eric yes I did skip some chores and take a nap. In my opinion a nap of equal time of missed sleep at night just does not make up for sleep at night. I am still tired and foggy and I hope that Eric does go to sleep by 10 pm. tonight.  I know that I made a lot of progress on my new scarf for me with the yarn that Spazzyyarn had hand spun for me. A very yummy yarn.

Well my taller half is now home so it is time to put the finishing touches on dinner. Have a great evening and enjoy your families.