My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting Yumiko Alexander

Last Saturday at the Tucson Wool Festival I meet the most charming and delightful Yumiko Alexander. Yes that Yumiko Alexander the very lovely pattern designer. Her booth was right next to mine. When things did slow down we had a chance to sit and knit. Since we had very easy patterns we were working on we had time to talk.  I would love the free time to drive to Phoenix to have more time to chat but Eric does keep me very busy.

Yumiko was born in Japan and was a knitting designer there before moving with her husband to the United States. Her company is called Dan Doh translated into English it means warm earth which is also the title of her new book. Warm Earth is available from Universal Yarn at the following link: . I am sure you could also persuade your local yarn shop into getting it for you also. I was lucky enough to snag a singed copy* and can not wait to knit the cover sweater. You may also find her patterns on Raverly .

Yumiko also has a blog I was already a fan of her blog when I meet her. She does not update it often but when she does it is worth while to read.

So despite very slow sales I had a great time and meet a new friend. Well it is time to make dinner and straighten the house. Have a great evening and enjoy your families.

*I purchased the book.