My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another Day of Fun and Cleaning.

I did set a new house record for the Wii Island Free Cycle of over 10 Wii miles in 30 minutes. I hope that all the Wii fit I have been doing is contributing to the slightly smaller me. The thing I really think is unfair about exercising is that it takes about an hour to burn 250 calories but I can consume those same calories in minutes. Such is life in the big city.

I did some clothes shopping today. Nothing to dramatic. I have lost enough inches to get into a brand that I have wanted to try but in the past there has been a little too much me. In my usual brands I am down one size from last year. To make room for the smaller items, I filled one box for Goodwill and plan on adding some more items to the Goodwill drop off pile tomorrow.

I got a lot of ganga's* today. most of the items were 40 to 70% off the original prices. Plus the store was having a buy so much get $10 dollars off your next purchase. So I had the sales lady ring it up in 5 different transactions. I don't think that is what the store was planing but it did help to bring the cost of everything down just a bit more.

After a nice lunch at Sweet Tomatoes we came home and did some more work around the house. There is always laundry to catch up on and this time of year the junk mail is enough to comfortably fill the large blue recycle barrel every week. I also packaged 50 sample bags of stitch markers for a sample box. Look for details later.

After dinner we caught up on Haven, which is a cool new show on the Syfy network. If you have not seen it catch up on Hulu it is a terrific new show. Yes I would love to have it come back for another season. well I think our boy has finally gone to sleep so it is now my turn. Goodnight and enjoy your families.

*Ganga - Tucson speak for a great deal